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Necessary documents to travel to Cuba

  • Passport: The Passport will have a validity of at least 6 months starting since the exit of your flight. You should conserve it until the exit of the country, and in case of losing, you have to communicate it immediately to the immigration authorities to obtain a copy, previous payment according to the corresponding tariff rate.
  • Visa: The tourist Visa is another obligatory document to enter in Cuba. The Airlines will verify If your documentation is in order before allowing your shipment. The price of the Visa is usually about between 21.00 and 30.00 dollars. This document allows you a maximum stay of 30 days prorrogables. You should fill the form using your name and last names such as they are written in the passport.
  • Medical insurance: it is obligatory to have a medical insurance you will have to present the policy in the customs at your arrival. There are a great Number of companies Online that offer these services and the prices vary in function of the coverings. If you don't have this insurance when you arrive, you will be forced to hire a policy to the State Company of Insurance Asistur.


How can you arrive at our house

The public transportation continues being a pending bill in our country, so it is not the means of transportation more advisable.

The taxi is the surest and quick form to leave the airport, 30.00 CUC is the habitual rate to any point of the Havana. In some occasions and mainly when they have a lot of demand the Taxis´ drivers usually ask more than 30.00 CUC; it is in this moment when you have to put in practice your abilities to negotiate and get lower price.



The climate in Cuba is subtropical moderated with two well differentiated stations. From November to April is the dry station , which is less humid, and something fresher, with an average of temperature between 21 and 28 centigrade degrees and a low average of temperatures between 18 and 24 centigrade degrees; while, in the months of summer, the half temperature oscillates around 30, with a humidity a little bigger. The relative humidity is high, with averages near 90%. The daily maxim, generally over 95%, they occur at the sunrise until the sunset , while the minimum goes down at noon, up to 50-60% in the interior of the territory.


General information

Cuba, officially named Republic of Cuba, is an insular sovereign country seated in an archipelago of the Caribbean Sea. The territory is organized in fifteen provinces and a special municipality with Havana like capital and the most populated city.

It is one of the thirteen independent insular States: the Insular America, Antilles or islands of the Caribbean Sea and one of the thirty five of the American continent. The Island of Cuba has orogenic origin, complete the archipelago, the Island of the Youth and more than a hundred of keys or small islands that surrounded them: Cayo Coco, Cayo Guillermo, Cayo Largo del Sur and Cayo Jutias among others. It is adjacent to the north, with the American state of Florida and with the Bahamas, to the west with Mexico and to the south with the Cayman Islands and Jamaica.

With a population of 11 616 000 inhabitants in 2017 it is the most populated country of the Antilles, with 110 860 km2, the most extensive, with 102,7 hab/km2, the third less densely country, for before the Dominique and Bahamas, next to La Española, Jamaica and Puerto Rico, it is one of the four bigger Antillas Mayores, it is the biggest island of the region.