Travel Cuba is on many people’s bucketlist. Many times have I heard people say “I must go to Cuba before I die”. My beautiful home country is a land of contrasts. Cuba is exotic, a little different and has a strong personality. It’s a country where you feel as if time has stopped. When you strolling along the old streets and admire the architecture it is easy to make a mental picture of the country in all its splendour in the 50s, when the country was most prosperous. But it’s certainly its people that will make your trip memorable. Their hospitality and friendliness is unbeatable. It’s hard to believe that despite being economically deprived Cuba can give off and pass on so much happiness. And I know what I’m talking about because I am a Cuban. Why are we Cubans so happy amid uncertainty and need? The answer to this question is probably our best kept secret and I can’t express in words. At La Casona de Rakel, apart from offering high quality accommodation with unbeatable prices, we are intent on writing a guide that we will expand gradually with the help of all the questions that our guests ask us. We would like you, from the comfort of your home, to start your guide to what you need to take into account when you travel to Cuba. Our first article is about accommodation in “Casa Particular in Cuba”, which is the type of accommodation we offer and the reason for this blog.

Travel Cuba

Where to stay in Havana – Best Neighborhoods

Where to stay in Havana… what a good question, right? And the fact is that the Cuban capital is so big that it is very easy to get confused and lost. With this article I want to help you define what will be your ideal area to stay in Havana. Keep in mind that there […]

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Published on: 20 de January de 2021  -  Filed under: Travel Cuba

Casa Particular in Cuba

What you need to know about accommodation in Casas Particulares Cuba? If you are preparing your trip to the pearl of the Caribbean (CUBA) and have taken a look on the Internet, the phrase “Casa Particular in Cuba/Airbnb Cuba” will surely sound familiar to you and you are probably wondering what it means exactly Although […]

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Published on: 19 de April de 2020  -  Filed under: Travel Cuba