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Where to stay in Havana – Best Neighborhoods

Where to stay in Havana… what a good question, right? And the fact is that the Cuban capital is so big that it is very easy to get confused and lost. With this article I want to help you define what will be your ideal area to stay in Havana.

Keep in mind that there are two totally different accommodation groups and depending on your budget it will be very easy to define between one and the other (hotels vs casas particulares).

Hotels: I can add little to the definition of a hotel that you didn’t know, but in Cuba things are a little different. In short, they cost an arm and leg, so if you want a moderately decent room you will not be able to lower than 4 stars and prepare an average budget of $120.00/night.

There are very few hotels below 4 stars that are worth staying in. So, If you still want to try your luck, I advise you to take time to read and reread the evaluations that the accommodation in question may have on the different reservation portals.

Casas particulares: Each time better valued for their good value for money. If you don’t know this concept of accommodation, I will leave you this link so you know better what they are and how they work.

Where to stay in Havana?

Staying in Old Havana:

Where to stay in Old Havana

It is the nerve center and the oldest area of ​​the city, where architecture and the main points of interest coexist in great harmony. This area is ideal because you will have everything at hand without having to depend on public transport or having to reduce your budget on taxis.

Countless hotels and casas particulares where you can spend a pleasant night. Of the hotels, I already mentioned at the beginning that you will have to have a high budget so as not to get upset.

Regarding casas particulares, the average is between $18.00 and $35.00 per room/night, depending on the season, the area and the amenities that the accommodation offers. You can even find casas for $15.00 room/night or less, but as a general rule these are interior rooms, little ventilated and not very comfortable.

Lots of restaurants, cafes, supermarkets and entertainment venues give life, color and rhythm to the streets of Old Havana, so you won’t miss anything.

Fair price to stay in Old Havana: double room with private bathroom in casa particular $24.00/night.

Take a look at our prices for Old Havana!

Staying in Havana Center:

Where to stay in Havana Center

Halfway between Old Havana and Vedado. In this area the architecture is somewhat more modern, although it is also more abandoned due to not being part of the historic center (100% tourist area).

Although it is not in the most touristic area, Havana Center has the odd little gem that is worth visiting. An example of this is the Iglesia del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús and the lively Hamell Alley.

The prices are somewhat more competitive, which would be a good option if you want to save a few dollars and don’t mind adding 5 more minutes to your walk to get to the historic center. I would not go further from Galiano street in particular. I leave it marked on the map.

The gastronomic offer and the entertainment venues are not so abundant, but you will be one step away from the funkiest area of ​​ Old Havana, so it will not be a problem.

Fair price to stay in Havana Center: double room with private bathroom in casa particular $ 20.00/night.

Staying in Vedado:

Where to stay in Havana

Vedado to this day continues to be one of the most elegant neighborhoods in the city and where nightlife is one of its great attractions. It is part of the Plaza de la Revolución municipality and its construction began at the end of the 19th century. Its architecture is more modern and the buildings are much taller than the ones we usually see in Old Havana.

Wide variety of hotels and private houses that generally meet all the conditions for a pleasant stay.

A reasonable price for a private house in this area would be between $25.00 and $35.00 per room/night. Regarding hotels, Vedado, among others, has the Habana Libre hotel and the Hotel Nacional, both of which are great references in the city.

To put a “but” Vedado is almost an hour’s walk from Old Havana, and public transportation is not a good idea. So, you will have to allocate the odd dollar to travel by taxi to Old Havana.

Finally, Vedado is the ideal area for those who enjoy the nightlife bars, cabarets, restaurants, and much more, give joy and flavor to Havana nights.

Fair price to stay in Vedado: double room with private bathroom in casa particular $30.00/night.

Staying in Miramar:

Here the plan is somewhat different. The hotel offer is less extensive and casas particulares gain prominence because in some cases they can be authentic telenovela mansions.

This area is ideal if you are going to have a vehicle at your disposal because it is far from everything. This will be an advantage for those who are looking for a quiet and leisurely environment since it is totally residential areas, quiet neighborhoods, where there is a high purchasing power.

As for the price, each house is different and depending on the comforts and the number of rooms, the price can vary from $60.00 to $300.00 per night.

Of course, if you were thinking of renting a vehicle and booking nights in a decent hotel… from my point of view and because of the cost of the hotel room, you can rent a whole house, even in some cases with a pool… all for you.

In conclusion:

So that you can answer your question about “Where to stay in Havana?” The first thing you will have to be clear about is the budget you want to allocate to the accommodation and if you are going to have a vehicle for your trips.

Once you have this clear, you can opt for one or another area and for a hotel or casas particulares.

Well, which option would you choose?

Note: Taking into account the current situation caused by the pandemic, tourism in Cuba is practically paralyzed. I don’t know how the market will behave once this crisis ends.

It goes without saying that it will be a pleasure to answer any clarification or question you may ask us.

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